CARE - Excellence

Learning Intention: I am learning to show excellence.

Success Criteria: I will show excellence through doing my best.

Xanthe, you showed excellence when working with your buddy creating
a costume from paper with your buddy for science.

PE - Run, Jump, Throw

Learning Intention: I am learning to jump and land using my arms and legs go higher and further.

Success Criteria: I can jump from one space to another, taking off on either one or both feet and landing on both feet. I can use my arms and bend my knees to help me spring forward.

Well done, Xanthe. You can use your arms to help you jump further.


Learning Intention: We are learning to use active thinking.

Success Criteria: My buddy and I will dig a tunnel for cars in the sand, leaving a bridge over the top for the trucks.

Well done Xanthe, you and Robert successfully dug a tunnel for cars, and the truck was able to drive over the top.

Term 4 Writing

Learning Intention: I am learning to write about a topic.

Success Criteria: I am able to write about a time when I did something fun with my family.
Well done, Xanthe. You wrote about a fun time with your family.

Term 4 Numeracy

Learning Intention: I am learning to order numbers to 20.

Success Criteria: I will know the numbers before and after up to 20.

Reading Term 4

Learning Intention: I am learning to find chunks in words and say the sound.

Success Criteria: When I come to a word I'm not sure of, I find chunks in the word that I can work out,
then put it all together.

                                   Xanthe, you are really good at finding 'th', 'ch' and 'sh' when you are reading.


We are learning to: Anticipate what might happen next and use this information to unfold the story.

Success Criteria: I can talk about the book and what I think will happen next.


We are Learning to: recognise numbers 0-10
Success criteria: I can find any number from 0-10 using number fans.

We are learning to: write our names
Success criteria: I can write my name and create it with individual letters.